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    StickandFlip solves the problem when on slopped or unstable ground. Simply step on the footrest push until level and at desired height then flip. It's that simple!! Product comes fully assembled and ready to go.
    Table top is 13 3/4" square and 18" tip to tip at the glass holders. A surprising amount of space because of our unique design.
    Your table is handmade using all nuts and machine screws for strength. This process takes longer than typical wood screws but has much greater structural integrity.
    The special flip hinge we use is unique in that it locks in the position for use, push a lever and it folds and locks in the carrying position.
    If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase simply return it for a full refund. We are now reinforcing our table with rib supports along the edges.
    Our Heart Redwood Portable Wine Table is a high quality product. Heart Redwood is an excellent outdoor wood with a lot of Character. Heart comes from the center of the tree as opposed to sap wood, the exterior of the tree. Heart is mostly red and sap is white. There will be knots but they have grown into the tree. The beauty of the heartwood is the tight knots and grain. Knots are where branches grow which causes a circular pattern in an otherwise straighter grain. Some sapwood may be in the table and adds a nice contrast.
    As a result of today's environmentally sound practice of growing and harvesting wood, large boards are rare. We glue and clamp 3 - 5" boards together to create a rough table top. It is planned and sanded to a smooth finish. You may see the lines of the joint but it never should separate. I'm certain you will like what you see.

    We hand rub Howard's Feed-N-Wax on every table. This is an all natural Orange Oil Beeswax product with carnauba wax. It will be absorbed into the wood so we include a free sample with each table. Just apply on the product and wipe with a clean cloth. It will not take much and you will love how it smells and looks. We do carry many Howard products in smaller sizes so add it to your order for free shipping. I have worked with wood for many years and this is the easiest safest natural product I have ever used. Great on any wood.
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