I will be using this blog to promote new products, updates and sales. The offer below is shipped free within the continental US. I am also offering a one time discount of $75 using the code SAVE75. Keep in mind this is a custom made product just for you. I make each garden bench upon receiving the order. It will be included in my regular production schedule so I need 2 weeks to ship.

This new five foot redwood bench sells for $490. It is a high quality, handmade top of the line Garden Bench. The bench seat fits the contour of your body and the high back supports your entire back. 

The design of curves and slats give it style, strength at a light weight of under 60 pounds. The seat and back are complety assembled while the legs will need to be attached using the included carriage bolts. A 1/2" wrench is all you need. The legs, back and seat are all attached at the same rear connection point using 3 bolts per point.

The Finish is a natual water based product to protect against UV rays and weather. It gives it the aged look without waiting and will only get better over time.